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Project Results

Project results and recommendations

In this very final phase we have gathered the main results and recommendations from the research, the business involvement and the project recommendations in a nice magazine. The intention is that the ’interested layman’ can get the main points of the project results in a 20 min. train ride. Furthermore, the magazine should inspire the reader to search for more knowledge and examples on our website

Read the magazine with the recommendations and results here - we can also send you physical copies if needed.

The major project recommendations are many and cover the whole manure nutrient handling chain, from animal fodder, the housing systems, the choice of manure handling technologies. Furthermore, biogas is recommended for manure handling if the digestate is covered and treated properly afterwards, including soil injection, acidification and the use of precision farming with the optimal timing and dosage for plant growth.


Project News

Preliminary project recommendations


The Baltic Sea is polluted by excess nutrients, resulting in algae blooms and “dead” sea beds.


A large part of the nutrients derive from agriculture, via air and water runoff. The loss of nutrients to the air and into the sea is often related to intensive animal husbandry with large quantities of nutrient-rich,
poorly utilised manure.

The Interreg Baltic Sea Region flagship project Baltic Manure (Baltic Forum for Innovative Technologies for Sustainable Manure Management) addresses this challenge and tries to turn manure into a resource
creating business and a cleaner environment.

The final project results are still being processed, but we have some clear recommendations for the policy level -  click here to read the preliminary project recommendations

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