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Dairy production in modern loose housing cowsheds - practical implications and future challenges

Time and place

Date:  02 May 2012 - 04 May 2012
Place:  Estonia

Interest in cold naturally ventilated dairy buildings has increased recently because of their lower investment, construction and maintenance costs. In Estonia there are over 100 large-scale uninsulated modern loose housing cowsheds with a range of 300 to 2000 lactating cows. The number of dairy cows in Estonia has decreased by almost 60% from the beginning of 1990 to 2012, but the average milk yield per cow has risen by over 50%, due to the adaptation of more efficient feeding, breeding and production techniques. The Baltic and Nordic countries share many similarities regarding, for example, climate conditions but there are large differences in dairy production. Estonia has considerably more large-scale dairy farms than other neighbouring countries. The aim of the conference is to share the Estonian and Nordic experiences of dairy cattle keeping and management in cold loose housing farms.


The scientific programme of the conference is open to all areas of expertise connected with dairy production in modern (cold) loose housing cowsheds. The main topics are:

- Engineering and building
- Breeding
- Feeding and feeding technology
- Husbandry and management
- Precision farming
- Animal welfare

Target group
- Researchers in animal husbandry and veterinary medicine
- Researchers in building and engineering of animal housing
- Farmers and farmers’ organizations
- Builders and building companies
- Policy makers and stakeholders
- Extension workers
- All other interested parties

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