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Manure utilization in Finland: Review of the current legal framework and incentives

This country report reviews the operational environment, relevant current legislation and key challenges and benefits of manure management in Finland. It is a short review of the current situation and does not consider and analyze future trends or possibilities.


This report is commissioned by Turku Science Park, which works as a Finnish responsible party of the Work package 7 of the “Baltic Manure” Project. The report serves as background material for the Work package 7, which focuses on business innovation and supporting commercialization of innovative outputs from other work packages in cooperation with commercial actors in the Baltic Sea Region. The partners in WP7 work to ensure that the knowledge generated in the project is communicated to the companies working in this business area and to mediate opportunities for business cooperation and innovation in manure management technologies. Among other things, this is done by arranging B2B events, seminars and field visits for companies and providing a Business Forum on the Baltic Manure website, where the reports from the project are presented and where the companies can present their own technologies.


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