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Sustainable Supply Chain Analysis of Manure for Fertilizer and Energy

This report analyses the sustainability of manure to energy and manure to fertilizer supply chains. The analysis consists of social/ethical aspects, environmental aspects and economic aspects and uses the Danish situation to illustrate the concept of Sustainable Supply Chain Analysis. This approach can be applied in all BSR countries to identify barriers and enablers and lead to policy recommendations.

It is recommended that policy makers should develop national and European incentives to make manure based biogas production profitable in the short perspective.

It is recommended that farmers should make sure that the storage capacity is sufficient, so the manure could be applied at optimal times (before sowing, in growing crops) to meet the crop requirements.

It is recommended that the technology providers should continue development of technologies to improve their environmental and economic performance.

This report on Sustainable Supply Chain Analysis of Manure was prepared as part of work package 7 on Business Innovation in the project Baltic Manure.

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