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Biocover presents SyreN

Acidification of slurry has until now been a technique used in barns to lower ammonia emissions from these and from manure storages. In 2010 a new acidification system (SyreN) has been marketed by the Danish company Biocover A/S.


This system is designed to reduce ammonia emissions following application of slurry by adding concentrated sulphuric acid to the slurry right before the slurry is placed on the soil surface in the field. Thereby reduces the slurry pH and succeeding ammonia emission. The full paper following this abstract, will describe the two acidification techniques in details. The companies Biocover A/S and Infarm A/S have in collaboration with the Knowledge Centre for Agriculture and Faculty of Science and Technology, Aarhus University, completed a project where ammonia emissions following field application of acidified and non-acidified slurry was evaluated. This paper shows the main result from this project. Click here to read more


Disclaimer: This manure technology has not been investigated or approved by Baltic Manure.
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