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Technology descriptions

To provide an overview of existing technologies to stakeholders within the manure business area  ranging from companies, researchers to legislators and policy makers, we would like to encourage you to present your technology at our website. In this way we hope that technology producers can inspire research and policy development in the field, and inspire for new business cooperation between stakeholders in the market.


If you wish to present your technology, please fill out this technology presentation template and send it to Anne-Luise Skov Jensen, Agro Business Park, at




TETRA Chemicals Europe AB presents CC Farm

20 December 2012

TETRA Chemicals Europe AB has developed a manure additive which reduces the ammonia evaporation from the manure in the stables, the manure tank and during spreading of manure

Biomax™ presents Rapid Thermophilic Digestion Technology (RTDT)

30 November 2012

RTDT consists of BM1 and Rapid Thermophilic Digestor (RTD). Together, they act to digest all types of manure into top-quality organic, pathogen-free fertilizer in just 24 hours

Biocover presents SyreN

20 August 2012

The SyreN system is designed to reduce ammonia emissions following application of slurry

FCSI ApS presents the mineral additive Active NS

21 June 2012

The mineral additive from FCSI ApS increases biogas production and reduces nitrogen emissions

ECSAB - European Composting System AB presents QuantorXL®

26 January 2012

QuantorXL® Drum Composting System turns manure into a resource with a commercial value

Biotain AB presents the Splitbox Agri

02 January 2012

Winner of the 2011 Baltic Manure Handling Award presents their technology Splitbox Agri