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Manure challenges in a health resort

Cool, rainy and dark November. Health Resort Mösseberg in central Sweden was the inspiring historical
frame around the theme of the two days: Utilization of manure and other residues as fertilizers.


By Knud Tybirk, Agro Business Park


The focus of the seminar held in Falköbing, Sweden, during 29-30th of November 2011 was mainly on research in a wide variety of issues concerning manure handling and use as agricultural fertilizers. This could sound boring for non-specialists, but there were certainly inspiration, knowledge and ideas for a pseudo-scientist like myself with focus on agribusiness.
I will try to forward you a couple of relevant highlights in the following, but the complete Seminar report can be found soon and studied in details here


Norwegian manure and phosphorous challenges
Baltic Manure has no Norwegian partners, but a few presentations from Norway were very relevant and inspiring. Anne Bøen from Bioforsk gave a presentation about the P challenge in Norway. Norwegian animal husbandry is mainly located in the western, middle and northern parts of the country, whereas cereal production mainly takes place in the South East. This makes quite a difference to the P-balances in these different regions, which has changed quite dramatically recently.


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