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The phosphorus challenge of the Baltic Sea Agriculture...

The phosphorus challenge of the Baltic Sea agriculture…


By Knud Tybirk, Judith Schick, Silvia Haneklaus & Ewald Schnug


“BATMAN Begins” were the initial words in Helsinki, when the first public Baltic Manure workshop took place. The subject was the Phosphorus challenge for Baltic Sea Region. The organizers from the Federal Research Centre for Cultivated Plants – Julius Kühn-Instiute (JKI) in Braunschweig set the scene for an innovative session.


The setting of the TV-show Who wants to be a millionaire? kept the audience interactive with the presenters from Julius Kühn-Instiute (JKI), University of Gdansk, Estonian Research Institute of Agriculture and from MTT Agrifood Research, Finland. Who can win the million on phosphorus questions? The winner was definitively the audience.


The contest and workshop was held in September 2011, at the 4th joint seminar of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region dealing with sustainable agriculture, forestry and fisheries in Helsinki. The setting gave a vivid discussion on a variety of P-related issues from field application, thermic gasification of manure fibers, P-mining and crop needs in the workshop entitled “Baltic Manure – the other BATMAN story.”



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