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Knowledge news

Project results and recommendations

16 December 2013

In this very final phase we have gathered the main results and recommendations from the research, the business involvement and the project recommendations in a nice magazine.

Sustainable Use of Phosphorus

16 December 2013

Baltic Manure has given a contribution to the European Commission Consultative Communication on the Sustainable Use of Phosphorus.

Baltic Manure – turning manure problems into opportunities!

11 January 2013

NJF Seminar 457: Sustainable agriculture in the Baltic Sea Region with focus on climate change. 30-31 October 2012

Livestock Manure to Energy

09 January 2013

The Danish science park, Agro Business Park and Innovation Network for Biomass, have launched a new pamphlet with focus on status, technologies and innovation in Denmark regarding livestock manure to energy

Agro-environmental technologies in animal production

20 December 2012

When considering investment in new agri-environmental technologies the farmer needs to be sure of a documented effect. Also the environmental authorities need validated effects and sustainability analysis to approve and/or support emerging technologies

Tools for better manure management – towards a bluer Baltic Sea

29 November 2012

Manure certificates, quality measurements and manure standards are partial solutions to the challenges of the Nitrates Directive

The Eco-Region Project

06 November 2012

Turning the Baltic Sea Region into the world’s first EcoRegion - an agricultural perspective

Memo from CIEC 2012 - 20th Symposium of the International Scientific Centre of Fertilizers

22 May 2012

Baltic Manure was presented at the 20th Symposium of the International Scientific Centre of Fertilizers (CIEC 2012)

A farmer’s view on the Baltic Sea

14 May 2012

Farmers worry about the Baltic Sea environment and think that agriculture has effect on its status, according to a survey made on the big islands in the Baltic Sea

Welcome to A Greener Agriculture for a Bluer Baltic Sea 2012

12 April 2012

The major forum for networking and exchange of knowledge, experiences and ideas around the Baltic Sea

EcoRegion Perspectives

23 March 2012

The EcoRegion Perspectives present approaches how to achieve a sustainable development in the Baltic Sea Region

AGORA 2.0 - What do we have in common in the whole Baltic Sea Region?

07 October 2011

The EU-project AGORA 2.0 - Heritage Tourism for Increased Baltic Sea Region Identity, aims at developing features of a common identity profile for the Baltic Sea Region

Environmental protection and agricultural production - dialogue in Baltic Sea Region

27 September 2011

Snapshots from Baltic Compass Roundtable meeting in Denmark

New Agro Technology ATLAS

07 September 2011

Agro Business Park, a Danish science park, has launched a new website -

Phosphorus indices

27 July 2011

The Phosphorus-index has been identified within the Intensive Pig Production Program as a cost effective tool to reduce the risk for phosphor losses from fields

New report: Best available technologies for pig manure biogas plants

27 July 2011

Leaching of nitrogen and phosphorus from intensive pig production can be reduced if the large quantities of manure...