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Organic manure management and efficiency: role of organic fertilizers and their management practices

Organic manure management and efficiency: role of organic fertilizers and their management practices
Authors: Schnug E, Oswald P, Haneklaus S
In: Fertilizer and Environment
Pages: 259-265
Published: 1996

Geographic information systems (GIS), global positioning systems (GPS), heavy metals, Local Resource-Management (LRM), nutrients, organic fertilisers, sewage sludge, spatial variability, soil fertility, xenobiotics

Increasing concerns about soil protection, human health and environmental quality in general will make the future use of slurries and sludges as organic fertilisers in agriculture very tough. Mechanisms and strategies need to be implemented in agricultural production which not only allow the control of the quality and quantity but also localize and manipulate the amounts of fertiliser used. More enhanced systems will also require features for variable application rates in order to the amount of organic fertilisers in line with the spatial variability of soil and crop parameters. Local Resource-Management (LRM) is an innovative concept in which traditional methods of field and laboratory soil science are combined with modern procedures and techniques of geostatistics, information handling (GIS) and interpretation (BOLIDES) together with satellite aided positioning (GPS). This technology opens challenges for a control and spatial manipulation of organic fertilisers and provides the best chance that the problems arising from inherent variability of soils may be addressed successfully resulting in safe and efficient use of organic fertiliser materials.

The paper suggests how to ensure a safe and efficient use of manure by applying different strategies such as Local Resource Management (LRM), geostatistics, information handling (GIS) and interpretation (BOLIDES) in combination with satellite aided positioning (GPS).


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my question is not really related to the above subject but i would like to know if we apply organic manure to a soil mix and spread it in a garden where it is exposed to full sun where temperatures can reach 40 celcius degrees,and we decide to plant after 4 or 5 months, will the soil mix loose the nutrients efficiency of the organic manure during these 4 or 5 months? i would really appreciate if you can answer me or provide me with documents related to this subject. Thank you

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on 27.04.2012 11:39