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Revised version of the RAMIRAN “Glossary of Terms on Livestock Manure Management” now available

A major difficulty in international collaboration, and a major source of misunderstandings regarding livestock and manure management, is the lack of a standardised terminology. A first attempt to overcome this difficulty was done in the framework of RAMIRAN (Recycling Agricultural, Municipal and Industrial Residues in Agriculture Network) which published a "Glossary of Terms on Livestock Manure Management" in 2003 (Pain and Menzi 2003). Nevertheless this document needed to be updated and partly extended to fulfil the needs of a document suitable to be used in the BREF review process.


Within the framework of the EU-Project “BAT SUPPORT” (see <> for details) 120 new terms and definitions, mainly in the housing and manure management sector were added. The revised glossary contains all relevant terms around manure and waste management in agriculture with English definitions. The definitions are general enough to harmonize terminology for slightly differing systems across Europe but specific enough to differentiate between important systems or techniques. The glossary is published by B. Pain and H. Menzi (2011) and available as download from the RAMIRAN website ( - you can also find it by clicking here


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