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Database Manure and Manure Products

The elemental composition, P-solubility and heavy metal content of manure and manure-based products was characterised in order to assess their suitability as fertiliser materials. The effect of animal species, type of manure (slurry or solid) and manure processing on the product composition was studied. 94 samples of manure, 39 samples of manure-based products and 5 plant samples as raw materials for mixtures with manure were collected in Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Poland and Sweden. The laboratory results have been summarised in the present dataset.


Additional information is provided in the “Report on the chemical quality of different types of manure (processed and unprocessed) including P solubility” and the “Geochemical atlas on agricultural soils and manures in the Baltic Sea Region”.

This dataset on the chemical quality of untreated and processed manure was prepared as part of work package 4 on manure standards in the project Baltic Manure.


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