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The small-scale spatial variability of the easily-soluble P in agricultural soils is related among others to soil type and fertilisation practices. The variation of the P status of agricultural soils was determined along transects on 86 agricultural fields in Estonia, Finland, Germany and Poland.


All samples were analysed by the German standard extraction-method (calcium-acetate-lactate extract) for the determination of soluble P. The measured values were classified according to the level of plant-available P. This dataset presents basic statistical data on the variation of the P status in soils of the Baltic Sea region.


Additional information and results of the geostatistical analysis can be found in the “Report on P status in agricultural soils of relevant areas of the Baltic Sea Region” and the “Geochemical atlas on agricultural soils and manures in the Baltic Sea Region”.

This dataset on the P status of soils was prepared as part of work package 4 on manure standards in the project Baltic Manure.


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