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Description Sheets of Analysed Manure-Based Products According to Current EU Regulations on Fertilisers

To sell a product as a fertiliser in Germany or within the EU member states it has to meet the legal requirements of the national or EU-fertiliser law.

Within the framework of the EU-project Baltic Manure, manure and manure-based samples were analysed according to their elemental composition and P-solubility. To elaborate to which extend these products correspond to legally defined fertiliser types they were described according to German and EU regulations for fertilisers. The options and obstacles regarding an agricultural application of these products according to the Code of Good Agricultural Practice defined in the German Düngeverordnung (DüV) was discussed, too.

The Description Sheets of analysed manure-based products according to current EU regulations on fertilisers were prepared as part of Workpackage 4 on manure standards in the project Baltic Manure.


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