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Final Report of WP4 “Standardisation of Manure Types with Focus on Phosphorus”

Phosphorus is a limited essential plant nutrient, a non-renewable resource and high concentrations of P in surface waters are a major cause of eutrophication.


The work package 4 (WP4) “Standardisation of manure types with focus on Phosphorus” as part of the project “Baltic Forum for Innovative Technologies for Sustainable Manure Management” (Baltic Manure) gave an important contribution to delineate the P status in soils and different manure types within the Baltic Sea Region.


Existing standards for manure have been evaluated and new standards for manure types have been proposed to achieve a safe and sustainable agricultural use of manure as well as processed manure products. Algorithms for the variable-rate application of manure have been developed and guidelines for the sustainable use of P in agriculture were provided.


The present report summarises achievements made in the joint work of partners in work package 4 “Standardisation of manure types with focus on Phosphorus” and highlights the main findings.


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