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Geochemical Atlas on Agricultural Soils and Manures in the Baltic Sea Region

The P status of agricultural soils in the Baltic Sea Region was determined on 86 agricultural fields in Estonia, Finland, Germany and Poland. In these samples, soluble P was analysed by calciumacetate-
lactate extraction. The aim of this geochemical atlas was to illustrate the spatial distribution of soil P while the “Report on P status in agricultural soils of relevant areas of the Baltic Sea Region” summarised basic statistical data.

Secondly, the results of the manure and manure-based product analyses, which have been partially examined in “Report on the chemical quality of different types of manure (processed and unprocessed) including P solubility”, are presented in the geochemical atlas. The primary target of the studies was to show differences in the chemical composition of manures and manure-based products. Totally 138 samples have been analysed for P-solubility, macro- and micro-nutrient content, and heavy metal content.

This atlas was prepared as part of work package 4 (WP4) “Standardisation of manure types with focus on Phosphorus” in the project “Baltic Forum for Innovative Technologies for Sustainable Manure Management” (Baltic Manure).

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