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Guideline Catalogue for a Sustainable Use of Manure and Manure-Based Fertiliser Products for Farmers

The imbalanced application of mineral P-fertilisers and P-rich organic sources often leads to massive P-surpluses in agricultural soils. Such excessive loads significantly increase the risk of P-losses which are one major contributor to the eutrophication of water bodies. Thus, a balanced use of mineral and organic P-sources in agriculture which is well adjusted to demand of the crop is of high relevance for a sustainable use of this finite resource.

Recommendations were collected which contribute to a balanced P-application. These imply for instance soil testing, variable rate application of fertilisers, timing and technique of manure application.

The study was carried out within the framework of WP4 “Standardisation of manure types with focus on Phosphorus“ of the EU-project “Baltic Manure” and is summarised in the presented guideline catalogue.


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