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Meta Data Analysis for Assessing the P-status in Polish Soils

In this report the geographical distribution of available and total phosphorus in Poland has been shown. Generally phosphorus balance in Poland varies from -1.7 kg P/ha in south-west up to +7.4 kg P/ha in mid-west with average value being around 3.4 kg P/ha for the whole country.

Independent data from two different sources indicated high P contents in mid-west, west and north regions, whereas south-east, east and central regions had lower P contents in soils. This is strongly related to both livestock intensity and crop production in mid-west, north and west regions, what results in the accumulation of P in the soil. Whereas in south, east and south-east farms are much smaller and
agriculture is more decentralized. Because of locally warmer microclimat in south-western voivodesips (opolskie and dolnoslaskie) resulting in ca. 2 weeks longer vegetation period, the crop productivity is much higher than elsewhere, causing negative phosphorus balance. This heterogeneity in P distribution emphasizes the demand to impose political restrictions in certain regions to ensure a balanced fertiliser
application in Poland, also in those regions where large farms dominate and high amounts of manure accumulate.

This report was prepared as part of Work Package 4 on Standarisation of Manure Types with focus on Phosphorus in the project Baltic Manure.

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