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Report on P status in agricultural soils of relevant areas of the Baltic Sea Region

Phosphorus is an indispensable nutrient in plant nutrition. A balanced fertilizer strategy is necessary to fulfill the demand of the crops and to avoid losses into the environment. This report outlines the status of phosphorus in agricultural soils of the Baltic Sea Region. Metadata from literature and available databases and results from a sampling campaign are used to describe the P contents, the classification of plant-available P and P balances in agricultural soils.

Most Polish soils shows a P surplus which indicates that many agricultural sites are prone to undesired P losses. In contrast to Poland, the metadata analysis for Estonia revealed a negative P balance. Finish soils exhibit a high variation of available P mainly due to the agricultural use. In Germany, the results from the metadata study and the sampling campaign were contradictory, because 41% of the arable land in the metadata study, but only 12% of the sampled sites shows a P surplus.

This report on the P status in agricultural soils was prepared as part of work package 4 on manure standards in the project Baltic Manure.


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