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Energy Potential of Manure in the Baltic Sea Region: Biogas Potential & Incentives and Barriers for Implementation

Energy potential of animal manure is calculated as biogas in the Baltic Sea Region. The potentials are given as ‘realistic’ biogas potential, using the manure produced on farms with more than 100 livestock units. Manure energy potential in the BSR is an important source of renewable energy which should be harnessed more effectively. Manure alone could contribute with 3-6% of more renewable energy into the current BSR renewable energy pool and with suitable co-substrates the energy potential is significantly higher.


Biogas is common in the Baltic states of Germany and manure based biogas is increasing in most BSR countries. The types of manure and co-substrates differ between the countries and require different technologies and sustainability considerations to fulfil the biogas potential. The support and regulation of manure based biogas differs between countries. Support is for the energetic outcome, but more attention should be given to nutrient recycling and reduction of emissions into air, soil and waters achieved by treating manure in biogas plants.


This report on energy potential was prepared as part of Workpackage 6 on Manure Energy Potentials in the project Baltic Manure.


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