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Life Cycle Inventory & Assessment Report:Single Super Phosphate (SSP) Production from Manure Ash, Applied to Fattening Pigs, Poland

The report presents the Life Cycle Assessment carried out for the technology chain “Single Super Phosphate (SSP) production from manure ash”, as applied to fattening pigs solid manure, for the BSR country Poland. The key technology used is low temperature thermal gasification, which has numerous advantages over conventional incineration.


This chosen technology chain showed improvements in all impacts categories, in comparison to the reference solid pig manure management. Possibility to produce highly available phosphate mineral fertilizers (single super phosphate) from the ashes was investigated, and this resulted in important benefits for the global warming, eutrophication- P and acidification, besides contributing to recycle of manure phosphorus, a scarce non-renewable resource with no substitute. The drawback of this technology chain is loss of nitrogen to the atmosphere during thermal processing. This loss, however can be compensated by overall positive energy (both electricity and heat) balance
of the whole scenario, while other products derived from chemical processing of the ash like limestone and gypsum, which could be used for example in counteracting soil acidification and construction, respectively.

This report was prepared as part of Work Package 5 on Assessing Sustainability of Manure Technology Chains in the project Baltic Manure.


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