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Life Cycle Inventory Report:Co-digestion of Horse Manure and Dairy Cattle slurry, Sweden

Horse manure contains energy that can be utilized by anaerobic digestion. By incorporating solid manure together with liquid manure biogas production can increase and the possibility for utilising nutrients, especially nitrogen, in solid horse manure is increased. Anaerobic digestion can increase the plant available nitrogen in digestate compared to the incoming substrates, i.e. the ammonium content increase and the organic nitrogen decreases.

The study showed that environmental impacts from anaerobic digestion with or without using separation technologies decrease impacts compared to direct uses of manure as organic fertiliser.

The environmental impacts has been evaluated along the “manure management chain” from in-house storage, outdoor storage and to application of the manure to field in combination with the environmental impacts from the energy production from the manure combustion, by use of consequential Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).

This report on co-digestion of horse manure was prepared as part of Work Package 5 on Assessing Sustainability of Manure Technology Chains in the project Baltic Manure.


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