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National Scenarios, Best Practices and Recommendations for Manure Energy Use in the Baltic Sea Region

In this report, national scenarios for harnessing the manure energy potential as biogas have been created for all BSR. The methodologies for this task differ from country to country, as do the conditions, but all scenarios aim at replying in the following issues:

  • locations of manure and thus its energy content in each BSR country
  • possible locations for manure-based biogas plants
  • possible amount of manure-based biogas plants in different scales
  • estimated investment costs and potential for job opportunities 

Finally, some important best practices and recommendations for manure-based biogas are raised. In all BSR countries, solid manures hold a significant portion of the techno-economical energy potential of manure and solutions for digestion of solid manure are needed. Moreover, all biogas plants should be equipped with a post-digestion tank to collect the residual biogas still emitted after the main digester. And the choice of co-substrates to boost slurry-based biogas production should be made wisely with preference for solid manure and other materials without food or feed use.


Overall, manure-based biogas production has been shown to be a beneficial part of the manure management chain. It produces renewable energy, enables recycling of manure nutrients and organic matter along with those from potential co-substrates, improves the utilisation of manure nitrogen and helps to mitigate emissions. The most important matter to remember is that manure-based biogas production is only one step in the manure management chain. In case the measures before and after the biogas plant are neglected, potentially all the environmental benefits of the actual biogas step can be jeopardised.


This report was prepared as part of work package 6 on Manure Energy Potentials in the project Baltic Manure.

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