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Overview of biogas technology

Manure based biogas is well known technology. Interest in biogas technology is increasing around the world due to the requirements for renewable energy production, reuse of materials and reduction of harmful emissions. This report is an overview of biogas technologies with the aim of introducing them in a simple, easy-to-read way, including pre- and post treatment of the manure to achieve the mentioned targets.


The methane-rich biogas can be utilized as renewable energy in various ways as described in this report. In addition, the residual material, the digestate, contains all the nutrients of the original raw materials and offers a way to recycle them.

Biogas technology is currently the most sustainable way to utilise the energy content of manure while also recycling the nutrients and minimizing the emissions.

The report on manure based biogas was prepared as part of Workpackage 6 on Manure Energy Potentials in the project Baltic Manure.


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