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Reference Life Cycle Assessment Scenarios for Manure Management in the Baltic Sea Regions

One major pre-condition for assessing a manure management technique in a whole system or LCA-approach is to define a reference system against which this technique can be assessed. This report thus presents and details the establishment of such reference systems, comprising eight different manure types (fattening pig slurry, dairy cow slurry, hens manure, bulls deep litter, fattening pig solid manure, dairy cow solid manure, horse manure & broilers manure) and five Baltic Sea Regions (Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Poland), for a total of 15 reference systems.

It presents, for each of these 15 reference systems, a description of the key managerial practices throughout the whole chain (e.g. storage duration, type of cover, type of manure application, etc.) and of the key sitespecific conditions applying (e.g. average annual storage temperature, crop rotation and soil type on which the manure is applied, specific legislations governing the manure management practices, etc.). Further, it presents a reference manure composition for each of these reference systems, including key parameters such as dry matter, nitrogen (inorganic and total), phosphorus, carbon and volatile solids content of the manure for all main stages of the manure continuum (e.g. ex-animal, ex-housing, ex-storage).

This report was prepared as part of Baltic Manure Work Package 5 - Assessing Sustainability of Manure Technology Chains.

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