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Thermal gasification of manure

Thermal gasification is an emerging technology for the utilization of manure energy content with proven advantages over conventional combustion.

While the technology is ready for many other fuels (e.g. coal, wood, waste) its development for low calorific problematic (i.e. corrosive) fuels, such as manure, is still work in progress. The economic feasibility is not proven yet, and the environmental legislation still needs to be adjusted for farm-scale installations.


However, thermal gasification holds promise for energy production from manure while also offering reduction of manure-based emissions, providing the energy storage in the resulting syn-gas and reuse options for phosphorous and micronutrients from the ash.

The report on thermal gasification of manure was prepared as part of Workpackage 6 on Manure Energy Potentials in the project Baltic Manure.


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