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Database containing Life Cycle Inventory data for Manure Management in the Baltic Sea Regions

As a part of work package 5, a Life Cycle Inventory database has been established.

The database contains:

  • Reference life cycle inventory data for manure management in the Baltic Sea regions (covering six animal production, five countries, and four manure types)
  • Life Cycle Assessments of manure management techniques for the Baltic Sea Regions

Reference life cycle inventory data
Reference manure systems included in the database


Life cycle Assessments


Instructions on how to access the database
The database is a csv file in SimaPro format and can be opened with any version of the SimaPro software ( However, the use of SimaPro requires a license.

Follow these steps to access the database:

  1. Download the csv file named “Baltic_Manure_LCA_database.csv” from this link: baltic_manure_lca_database.CSV
  2. Make sure that your PC is set to English Format (United Kingdom) (i.e. that the number format in Excel is point (.) for decimals and comma (,) for “Digit grouping symbol” meaning that e.g. π (Pi) is shown as 3.14159 and NOT 3,14159. You might have to shut down your PC in order to apply changes in international settings. If you don’t do this, the import will lead to wrong numbers and errors!
  3. Open SimaPro – make sure that you open the database in which you want to import the Baltic Manure LCA database in
  4. Chose “Import” (Find this under the “File” menu)
  5. Select the “Baltic_Manure_LCA_database.csv” you just downloaded
  6. In the “Import Files” windows, select the following options:
    -    File format: SimaPro CSV
    -    Object link method: ”Try to link imported objects to other imported objects first”
    -    CSV  format separator: Semicolon
    -    Other options: Replace existing processes with equal identifiers and product names (do NOT select this!)
  7. Click on “OK”