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Economics of manure logistics, separation and land application

This study evaluates possibilities for manure nutrient utilization under changing market conditions, different techniques, and agri-environmental legislation. The analysis is based on a method for valuing manure in terms of money, from farmersí point of view. Opportunity cost theory and market value of chemical fertilizer products, are utilized. Implications of different manure application methods on manure logistics and farm economy are described and calculated on real, but anonymous case study farms.

The results suggest that investments in manure separation techniques are unlikely to be profitable in Finnish and Swedish conditions, except in cases of very high livestock density at pig farms, if they spend a lot of time and money on manure logistics and application. According to the experiences and discussions on the main results with farmers and other agricultural professionals there is a need for profitability calculations of different manure application and processing options on large livestock farms.

This report was prepared as part of work package 3 on innovative technologies for manure handling in the project Baltic Manure.

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