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Manure Properties on Case-Study Farms in the Baltic Sea Region

This report presents sampling results of manure properties from selected dairy, pig and poultry farms in Estonia, Finland, Poland and Sweden. Manure was sampled from two points along the manure handling chain (ex-housing and ex-storage) on each farm and in some cases ex-animal manure properties were calculated. Furthermore, cleaning water added to slurry in the house was measured on a dairy and pig farm in Sweden.

Manure N and P concentrations varied considerably both ex-housing and ex-storage for all livestock types, indicating that spreading dosage should be based upon actual manure analysis and not standard manure values. Decreased slurry P concentrations between ex-animal and ex-housing suggested that dilution doubled the slurry volume on dairy farms. Less dilution in the housing system was found on pig farms and only small changes were found in the housing system on poultry farms. Manure properties were reasonably similar between ex-housing and ex-storage. Controlling water additions to slurry should be an integral part of manure management in the housing system.

This report on Manure Handling Techniques was prepared as part of work package 3 on innovative Technologies for Manure Handling in the project Baltic Manure.

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