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The Manure Tool – a simplified tool for Life Cycle Assessments of Manure Management in the Baltic Sea Regions

As a part of work package 5, The Manure Tool has been developed. The Manure Tool is a screening tool for obtaining a fast impression of the environmental benefits and drawbacks of a variety of manure management techniques and combinations of these.

The Manure Tool is a simplified tool, calculating mass balances for manure from ex-animal to the field. The starting point of the calculations is the manure composition after excretion from the animal. From this, emissions are subtracted during in-house storage and outdoor storage, during field application and in the period after application of the manure to fields. In addition to this, life cycle data on energy consumption and selected chemicals are included. The “Reference Manure Compositions” from the Baltic Sea Regions are included as the reference systems in the Manure Tool.

The Manure Tool should be seen as a "mass balance calculation tool", not a database. The Manure Tool is based on Excel, and all emission factors, manure compositions and techniques can easily be changed by the user, accordingly, it is the ability of calculating mass balances and emissions which is the purpose of the Manure Tool, not the data itself.

How to use the Manure Tool:
A guideline to the Manure Tool appears at the worksheet named “Start” in the Manure Tool.


Click here to download the Manure Tool