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AGORA 2.0 - What do we have in common in the whole Baltic Sea Region?

Countries in the Baltic Sea Region have a long common history throughout the centuries and a great variety of natural and cultural resources. However, the area is still not well recognised as one common region outside its formal borders.


The EU-project AGORA 2.0 - Heritage Tourism for Increased Baltic Sea Region Identity, aims at developing features of a common identity profile for the Baltic Sea Region. You are, therefore, encouraged to support finding out the identity forming characteristics of the Baltic Sea Region by filling out the online questionnaire survey - click here 


One of the expected outputs of AGORA 2.0 is the development of an identity profile for the Baltic Sea Region. Exposing the regional identity will increase the visibility of the whole area and it will serve as a basis for marketing the Baltic Sea Region as one tourism destination.


The survey is anonymous and does not allow drawing inferences from your answers to your person.


For more information about AGORA 2.0, click here


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