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Call for applications: Baltic Manure Handling Award 2013

Have you and your company made business out of manure through technology development and innovation? Can your technology contribute to solving the problem with nutrient surplus in the Baltic Sea Region?

Manure continues to be a challenge when it comes to handling manure in an environmentally friendly way and there is increased focus on this issue from politicians and legislators in the whole Baltic Sea Region. Despite being a challenge, it also provides opportunities for those who work with technology development and agricultural technologies. Therefore, the Baltic Manure project would like to stimulate and encourage this work by launching the Baltic Manure Handling Award to increase focus on manure management as a new business area!

So, if you and your company have developed a technology which can reduce the environmental impact of manure, we encourage you to apply for the award! The technology should represent innovation in the value chain from animal to fertilizer or from animal to energy output. The evaluation will be based on the following overall criteria: Reduction of pollution, increased plant availability or other sustainable uses/increase commercial use of manure nutrients and increased energy yield through for example pretreatment, biogas production etc. Detailed criteria can be found in the application form.

The technological and environmental aspects of the incoming applications will be evaluated by the work package leaders in the Baltic Manure project, whereas the business case and the business potential will be evaluated by Research Director Mr. Markku Järvenpää, MTT Agrifood Research Finland and coordinator of the Baltic Manure project and Mr. Lars Visbech Soerensen, CEO of Agro Business Park in Denmark. It should be noted that the award is only symbolic – the winner will gain from promotion in media and websites in relation to the award.

The winner of last year’s award was the Danish company Biocover, who develops technologies which change the chemical composition of the slurry upon application, thereby reducing ammonia evaporation and odor.
Work package leader Anne – Luise Skov Jensen hopes that several companies will apply for the award:
- There are a lot of interesting technologies in the manure management area and in the Baltic Manure project we would like to promote new innovative technologies, which add value to manure, for example through processing to fertilizers and energy. It is important that these technologies are exposed.

The winner of the award will be announced at the conference ‘A Greener Agriculture for a Bluer Baltic Sea’  in Helsinki on August 27th and 28th this year.

You can find the application form here and deadline for application is Friday May 31st 2013. Applications should be sent to Mrs. Anne-Luise Skov Jensen, Agro Business Park, at If you have questions about the application or the award, please contact Mrs. Anne-Luise Skov Jensen.


Photo: Morten Toft, Biocover, receives the Symbolic Baltic Manure Handling Award 2012 from Anne-Luise Skov Jensen, Agro Business Park at Agromek.


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