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Call for Baltic Manure Handling Award 2011

Press release 15 August 2011


Have you invented and marketed a novel technology for sustainable manure handling? Are you interested in getting full exposure of your technology and open for market share in the Baltic Sea Region?

Then you should sign up for the new Baltic Manure Handling Award!

EU Interreg North Sea co-financed project Baltic Forum for Innovative Technologies for Sustainable Manure Management (Baltic Manure) has the objective to change the general perception of manure from a waste product to a resource. This should be achieved by research and technology assessments, but also by identifying business opportunities for sustainable manure handling technologies, and for this we have invented the Baltic Manure Handling Award.

Criteria for the Baltic Manure Handling Award 2011:

The new technology should represent innovation that is market ready and can

  • reduce pollution (less leaching of nutrients, less ammonia evaporation, less odor, less climate gas emissions etc.) and/or
  • increase plant availability or other sustainable uses/commercialization of manure nutrients (separation, drying, pelletizing or other technologies for pretreatment, storage and field application of manure etc.) and/or
  • increase the energy output of manure (biogas, fiber incineration, gasification etc.)

You can get information about the award by clicking here and download the application form by clicking here


Applicants have to be from one of the participating countries in the project, which are Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany and Denmark.


Award Call closes at October 14th, 2011 and the winner will be published at the conference “A Greener Agriculture for a Bluer Baltic Sea” in Stockholm on November 2nd.  It should be noted, that the Award is only symbolic – the winner will gain from exposure in media and websites.

Please contact Workpackage leader Anne-Luise Skov Jensen for more info and submit your proposal to her.

The Baltic Manure Website:

Baltic Manure has now opened the official project website You can read more about the project aims, news and events. The website consists of three fora: Manure Knowledge Forum, Manure Policy Forum and Manure Business Forum. In addition, we publish news and press cuttings of relevance and invite you to send us your information for publishing in any of the three fora.

In addition you can find info about the project, the partners, coming and past manure events and related projects. You can sign up for a bi-annual newsletter and Google translate it into your own language.

Please contact:
Communication manager Knud Tybirk +45 89992520 or

Communication officer Marie Poulsen +45 89992550


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