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Impressions from Baltic MANURE Mid-term meeting, March 2012

Baltic Manure has now 13 months after Kickoff reached ‘cruising altitude’. We are in working mode, and much has happened in the different Work packages during the lasts days on individual meetings, said Markku Järvenpää opening the mid- term plenary meeting in Odense, Denmark. "We need to talk, coordinate and to discuss the coming tasks to be able to fulfill the ambitions of the project, and that is why we are gathered here," Markku continued.


A total of almost 50 people is a large group to coordinate. Most of the working groups had meetings the day (s) before the plenary session, having more in-depth discussions of the different aspects. But we managed to get-together on the stairways of the hotel for a group photo.


 Click here to read the minutes from the meeting 



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