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Aarhus University Appoints New Professor in Animal Science, October 7th

DENMARK - With effect from 1 September Hanne Damgaard Poulsen from the Department of Animal Science at Aarhus University has been appointed professor with special responsibilities (mso) in environmental impacts of animal production

When annual standards for the N, P and K contents in animal manure are prepared or when research into improving livestock nutrient use efficiency is carried out, then Professor Poulsen from the Department of Animal Science at Aarhus University is the person most likely to be involved.
Over the years, she has focused on these two tasks. Now she has been appointed professor mso in the environmental impacts of animal production at the Department of Animal Science where she has been employed nearly all the years since 1984 when she dropped her profession as a high school teacher in Viborg for a research career.
The many years of research have benefited the agricultural industry, contributing for example new important knowledge on the potential of increasing phosphorus and nitrogen use efficiency in livestock results that have also been used in the extension service and directly on the farm.
- We have over the years achieved several breakthroughs, and in my time as a scientist significant improvements have been made in livestock feed utilisation. This is important in the attempt to restrict phosphorus accumulation in the soil, nitrate leaching and ammonia emissions to the environment. So today we have a pig production where the environmental impact per head has been significantly reduced over the years, said Professor Poulsen.


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