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Are UK Farmers Sitting on a Biomethane Goldmine?, August 28th

UK - New research into biomethane production shows that farmers could be sitting on a £24 million “goldmine”

A new study has shown that medium to large farms could stand to make millions from producing renewable methane for the gas industry.
Entitled Biomethane for Gas Grid Injection, the report details how the UK’s farmers are currently missing out on the opportunity to produce gas from suitable organic products and inject it into the country’s natural gas grid for large returns.
Rob Heap, of Rob Heap Consulting, who carried out the work, said:
- An entry-level anaerobic digestion (AD) plant would be looking to earn in the region of £24-million over 20 years and farms that developed larger plants could earn exponentially more than that. Given the right conditions, it wouldn’t be difficult to double or even triple that amount.
Dairy and poultry farmers, pig farms and producers of energy crops such as maize, grass, rye and energy beet all have the potential to tap into this new money-making resource, said Rob.
He added:
- It depends on the style and type of farming but all farms have one or more of the necessary products needed for biogas production. For example, a dairy, pig or poultry farmer might have slurry and manure, but no energy crops. If a group of farmers got together, they would have a good chance of developing a very attractive business.
- A lot of farmers are potentially sitting on a goldmine and ‘gas farming’ could be a valuable diversification opportunity that still has to be exploited by UK farmers.


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