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Bio-natural gas on way to the gas grid, Tuesday April 2nd

From 1 May 2013, upgraded biogas can be admitted into the gas grid via the gas distribution system as well as the gas transmission system. It means that bio-natural gas can be traded commercially on an equal footing with natural gas

By May 2013, a wish long cherished by will come true when it becomes possible to admit bio-natural gas into the gas distribution system as well as the gas transmission system.
- We now have a common set of rules that enables biogas to be traded on an equal footing with natural gas. It will be possible for the biogas producers to sell their product on the internationally interconnected gas market and to obtain the price of gas applicable at any time, says Søren Juel Hansen,
Apart from obtaining the current gas price, the gas producers will also benefit from PSO subsidy and be able to sell green certificates corresponding to the value of the biogas delivered to consumers and companies that wish to buy certificates in proportion to their consumption of gas.
 This way, the distribution companies and will support the biogas producers’ and the consumers’ range of options and also contribute to keeping the focus that has been set as part of Danish energy policy with regard to a switch to renewable energy forms.
Even if bio-natural gas comes from something that may once have been waste water, pig manure and slaughterhouse waste, there is no difference in quality between the bio-natural gas and ordinary natural gas, because it is possible to clean and upgrade biogas to a stage where it burns as efficiently as natural gas.


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