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Biogas installation in Bocholt to ferment maize and manure, March 30th


NPG Bocholt is to build a biogas installation in Bocholt, a village in the Limburg province, at a cost of 11 million euros, which is able to provide 6,500 households with green current


NPG Bocholt is a partnership between the investor in green electricity NPG Energy and the agricultural business Hendrigo owned by Lode Hendrix. It will ferment manure and energy maize from pig farmer Hendrix and surrounding stock farmers. The energy maize will be supplied by a number of farmers within a 15 km radius. The biogas produced by the fermentation will be converted into electricity through cogeneration. The installation in Bocholt has a capacity of 2.8 megawatt. As the manure and energy crops come from the surrounding area, CO2 emissions here will be reduced by 10,000 tonnes each year. The current will be supplied via the local grid. André Jurres of NPG says Flanders has the potential for hundreds of these biogas installations, but adds that it will only be viable “if they enjoy support from the government. This is the most complex technology for green energy”. He adds that biogas installations are struggling because of the current low wholesale prices for electricity and the minimum prices for green electricity certificates. Minister Freya Van den Bossche SP.A is said to come up with new regulations after the Easter holiday.
- We prefer a dynamic system like the one used in the Netherlands, where subsidies depend on fuel prices. No matter what, we are hoping for a stable regulatory framework, says Jurres.


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