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Breakthrough in Turkish Biogas, March 30th


BGP Engineers in the Netherlands and Sütas Group in Turkey have reached an agreement for the construction of a large biogas project in Karacabey (near Bursa) in Turkey


The plant will be the first large scale biogas plant for the processing of cow manure in Turkey. The project is considered to be a breakthrough for biogas technology in Turkey.
The wastes from the 18000 cows at the farms of Sütas Group will be converted into biogas. This biogas will be fed to Combined Heat & Power engines that convert the biogas into renewable energy.
Due to the feed-in tariff scheme, developed by the Turkish Government, the production of renewable energy is very beneficial to farmers. Besides, the project contributes to meeting the Turkish growing energy demand, currently increasing by approximately 6 per cent per year.
The project will be realised during 2012 and it is expected that electricity will be produced by the beginning of 2013.
Development of the agricultural sector is another priority of the policy of the Turkish Government. Investments are stimulated through different kind of financial incentives.
According to a report by Tübitak, the Turkish research & development organisation, the market for biogas plants is estimated at 1000 – 2000 biogas plants each with capacity of 500 kWe, during the next 5-10 years. This equals to some 750 MW electrical power, sufficient to provide 2.5 million homes.


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