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Danisco: Improve pig performance, profitability, June 5th

Danisco Animal Nutrition, a business segment of DuPont, will celebrate over 25 years of animal nutrition innovation at World Pork Expo in Iowa by showcasing tried and tested nutritional solutions to help overcome key challenges currently facing the pork industry worldwide

As animal producers face rising feed prices as a result of weather volatility, escalating oil costs and other market factors, it will become increasingly important to improve the efficiency by which animals convert feed into protein and to shorten the cycle time of production.  
Danisco will showcase solutions that help producers to be more environmentally sustainable and spend less money on complying with increasingly strict legislation. As a local example, the Environmental Protection Agency’s plan for stepped-up regulation around manure management will put producers in Iowa and their 20 million hogs at the centre of a national debate on the sheer cost of compliance. Maximising production needn’t mean that more resources will have to be spent on managing pollution if additives are used that improve digestibility and reduce the resulting harmful effects of animal waste.  Axtra PHY and Phyzyme XP, the first E.coli phytase on the market, are effective in slashing manure application costs by reducing phosphorus in the manure.
Gwendolyn Jones, technical services manager at Danisco Animal Nutrition commented:
- Making a profit on pigs is a challenge in an increasingly volatile and regulated environment. Our goal is to develop innovative combined and single additive solutions that help pig farmers stay on course for profitable pig production in a sustainable way.


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