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Energy obtained from cow manure is green and cheap, Thursday October 20


Farmers in Vermont seem to be aware that traditional ways of obtaining energy are expensive and may have damaging consequences upon the environment
Therefore, they are trying to obtain power by exploiting other natural resources, which don't seem to be in danger of ever disappearing, in order to provide renewable energy to households.
Scientists reached the conclusion that cow manure is very efficient, cheap and perpetual compound that can be successfully used as a source of green energy.
Researchers developed a study for six years now, in six dairy farms, to show the benefits of cow power. They managed to obtain 12 million kilowatt hours every year, representing clean, alternative power.
The entire process depends on methane coming from cow manure. Farmers say they rely on a safe, green technological process which does not endanger the safety of inhabitants or the environment.
The waste obtained from a single cow is capable to provide enough power for 2 100-watt light bulbs every day. This is great information, since one animal is able to produce 30 gallons of manure every day. A facility with 1,000 cows is therefore able to deliver 30,000 gallons of waste on a daily basis.
They are now trying to expand the advantages of their findings on a national scale, by making the system based on cow power the main component of Vermont's energy network.



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