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Flemish fermentors produce green current and fertiliser, May 23rd


The Flemish organisation Biogas Vlaanderen, established by eight fermentors, is not only a producer of green power but also a producer of a globally sought-after fertiliser. The real strength of this enterprise lies in the mutual exchange of fermentation technology among its members to ensure a unique process technology.
- The sector learnt through experience and managed to develop a unique technology and the necessary knowhow which is way ahead of the rest of Europe, says Dirk Van Eersel of Biogas Vlaanderen.
As the processing of pure agricultural manure seemed unprofitable, the sector quickly adopted a mixed model of about 40% waste from the food industry and unsold supermarket volumes. Agricultural fertiliser makes up about 30% of the fermented biomass and the rest of the total of 1.2 to 1.3 million tons comes from agricultural crops such as maze. This mix seems ideal for the optimisation of biogas production methane. The biogas is converted into green power via gas engines. The 35 Flemish fermentors produce a joint total of 300 gigawatt green power; enough for 13% of the total renewable energy production in Flanders. Biogas installations continuously supply the grid and in this way strenghten grid reliability. For every 1 000 kilowatt they produce, the fermentors receive a green power certificate of 80 to 100 euros. Once heat is supplied via cogeneration, they will also receive WKK certificates at 27 to 31 euros per certificate.


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