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HRS Heat Exchangers Ltd. awarded million Euros by the European Commission for research & innovation

Process and Control Today, October 10


Sustainable method for the management of slurry and pig manure


HRS Heat Exchangers Limited, a leading heat transfer specialist for the process industry, has been awarded a grant for a million Euros, by the European Commission-Research Executive Agency (EC-REA). The grant has been generated towards the development of a new evaporation technology and better processes for volume reduction of environmental waste.
The project is being financed by the European Commission-Research Executive Agency (EC-REA), under the 7th program, which provides financial aid to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to carry our Research & Development activities.
Pig manure is a huge problem across Europe and has been identified as a major environmental issue in Brussels. The large volume of pig manure and its daily use as fertiliser for agriculture is responsible for causing serious environmental problems. The project is aimed at developing an integrated and cost-effective solution to reduce the volume of pig slurry, minimize the pollutant emissions and process energy consumptions.
Under the terms of the contract, a consortium of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) had to be formed, including a University. HRS Heat Exchangers took the initiative, and along with the help of Tecnologias Avanzadas Inspiralia (ITAV) formed this conglomerate and submitted the proposal to the European Commission, which was later, approved and awarded the grant.



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