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Jansen introduces new technology to poultry housing, March 23rd

The latest techniques to reduce emission of ammonia, fine dust and odor are applied by Jansen Poultry Equipment with products like heat exchanger, air-scrubbers and manure drying systems

These systems remove ammonia and fine dust out of the air in the poultry house by a filtering process. The purified air causes no nuisance and falls within the standards of the environmental permit.
The new generation of air-scrubbers and manure drying systems are the answer of Jansen Poultry Equipment on environmental issues within the agricultural sector. The EcoFriend ® biological air scrubber and the AmoControl® chemical air scrubber meet the applicable requirements of the BWL, as well as the AluBreeze® heat exchanger and Manure drying systems Classic and Compact. These new systems even surpass the BWL regulations and are designed to minimize the use of energy.
The air-scrubbers and manure drying systems are developed for low pressure fans. These fans are both in purchase price and in energy costs much favorable than the usual high pressure fans. For such high pressure installations the energy consumption increases as a back pressure is being caused by pollution. The installation of Jansen Poultry Equipment is designed to prevent back pressure that causes energy wastage and unnecessary costs.
Jansen Poultry Equipment has over 25 years experience in developing systems for poultry housing and this knowledge is applied in the environmental products. It appears that maintenance is crucial for the operational reliability of the housing systems. All the systems of Jansen Poultry Equipment are therefore designed maintenance friendly.


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