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Manure gets up nose on sewage farm tour, November 23, 2011

A farmer decided to spread manure in a field close to where a controversial sewage treatment works in North Cornwall was open to the public for guided tours.
The £11m works at Trevalga, between Boscastle and Tintagel, raised an outcry when it was proposed and controversy has still been simmering since it was opened 17 months ago.
South West Water invited the public to join guided tours of the new sewage treatment works, serving Boscastle, Bossiney and Tintagel.
But a farmer decided to leave a lasting impression with those on the tour by spreading manure close by.
Before the facility was built, waste water from Boscastle, Bossiney and Tintagel was discharged raw into the sea from outfall pipes in each village.
South West Water searched for a site for seven years, meeting intense local opposition against sites in Boscastle and Tintagel.
The people of Trevalga were no less vocal, but a site in a field just outside the village, and alongside the main road, was eventually approved.
Those on the guided tours were generally impressed by the works, which is well hidden and looks like a wooden cow shed from the road.
Most said they could detect no smell even though a local farmer had been muck spreading close at hand on the morning of the visits. It was thought the spreading activity was organised by those in opposition to the scheme.



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