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Manure that doesn’t smell, May 17th

The Spanish firm Granja San Ramón presents Bonora, the only organic fertilizer that reduces polluting emissions and doesn’t smell

Bonora is a fertilizer that does not contain chemical additives and is ideal for use in urban vegetable gardens given that it does not smell.
After three years of research, Granja San Ramón has developed the first fertilizer made from the feces of its own cows—thus avoiding polluting emissions in its manufacture—that is highly effective but does not have the disagreeable smell of other products.
This new product has zero environmental impact thanks to the waste treatment process used in its creation. Granja San Ramón has come up with the first fertilizer in the market obtained from anaerobic decomposition (the manure is treated in a biogas plant) and which has no smell. When the manure is converted into energy a byproduct is left over called digestate.
The Spanish company has been able to develop a process converting digestate into a value-added product which, thanks to the cleansing and disinfecting treatment applied to the substrate, does not smell. As such this fertilizer can be used for terrace vegetable gardens in apartment buildings because it is completely odorless.



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