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Nitrates campaign launched, October 16th

A €1.5 million project to help farmers and livestock breeders adequately manage nitrates was launched by Minister for Resources and Rural Affairs George Pullicino

The Life+ project, that will involve an investment of €1.4 million that is partly funded by the EU, will will inclued an information campaign to help plan the use and amount of fertiliser in growing their crops.
Officials from the Ministry will also visit livestock breeders to speak to them about the proper use and storage of manure. The officials will also provide information to farmers about nitrates and explain how their overuse is unhealthy. They will also provide a kit to the farmer to establish the nitrate value in his fields. All the data collected would be input into a national data base that could also be used in planning.
Malta has high levels of nitrates in its water table. The problem grew in the past few years because farmers would dump manure on soil and the nitrates would percolate to the water table. Farmers have now learned how to store the manure property and process it to extract the nitrates from it.


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