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Poultry manure is a biomass

Zootechnica, Thursday October 13


The European Directive 91/676/EEC promotes the rational use of nitrogen compounds in agriculture to prevent their accumulation on farmland, with the ultimate goal of not overloading the soil of nitrogen compounds. In the next future for disposing of the same amount of poultry manure there will be necessary much larger land base than we are currently using.
In all respects, the poultry manure is a biomass with a calorific value and it can therefore produce energy.
The ‘pure’ manure derived from laying hens housed in battery cages has a calorific value of about 2000/2500 kcal/ kg. The manure mixed with litter arising from flocks of broilers, however, has a higher calorific value, approximately 3500 kcal / kg. In both cases, it represents a fuel that can in turn be combusted to produce energy.
Ventilazione Industriale Srl, headquartered in Lissone (MB), is a company that operates in the field of the depuration for about 40 years, developing and carrying out its systems with its own staff. Giving the strong, and growing interest in producing bioenergy, Ventilazione Industriale and its technicians decided to focus their attention on the construction of a combustion system capable of turning poultry manure into energy.
This year, in January, the pilot plant combustion with energy recovery from manure has started operating.



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