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Ukraine offers many and diverse biomass opportunities, July 24 2013

The opportunities for biomass-related business in Ukrain are many and diverse. That doesn't mean it's easy to set up a sustainable operation in the country. Such was the main message of the workshop Business in Biobased Economy and Bioenergy in Ukraine, held at NL Agency last June.

The workshop, held at NL Agency in Utrecht last June 17th, revolved around a study performed by the Tebodin consultancy. Also several presentations were held about current Dutch business operations and pilot projects funded in the Sustainable Biomass Program.
According to the Tebodin study, there are a lot of possibilities in Ukraine. The country produces around 28 Mton animal manure annually, but only 10 biogas installations are in operation. These are used mainly to generate heat; the digestate is not yet used as fertilizer at all. Ukraine produces 15 Mton agricultural wastes annually. Also Ukraine produces around 2.5 Mm3 wood briquettes and pellets to be used as energy abroad.
Incentives exist in Ukraine for biogas entrepreneurs. There is a Green Tariff, though this comes with a 30 percent local component requirement. Energy generation installations up to 10 MW require no permit. There are some fiscal incentives as well.
NL Agency can support business in developing projects by G2G and organizing missions. This could result in an enabling environment for companies. Interested companies are invited to respond, so a joint proposal can be drafted to the Partners for International Business.


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