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Summary from the conference A Greener Agriculture for a Bluer Baltic Sea 2011

Baltic Sea Region Agriculture towards sustainable solutions


Baltic Manure, Baltic Compass and Baltic Deal showed the way for 187 guests from the region at the conference A greener Agriculture for a bluer Baltic Sea held in Sånga-Säby, near Stockholm at 2-3 November 2011.


The guests represented policy makers, researchers, farmers and farmer advisories, environmental organizations and the business sector. A number of presentations, discussions, business and farmer cases showed a palette of opportunities towards more sustainable agriculture in terms of economy, environment and social acceptance. The conference was supplemented by revealing the Farmer of the Year Award sponsored by WWF and Swedbank, and the Baltic Manure Handling Award as organized by the Baltic Manure project.

In addition a very interesting farm visit to nearby Wiggeby farm illustrated solutions for future agriculture in the Baltic Sea Region.

Below you’ll find a short conference report, the presentations from the conference and additional info on the Manure Handling Award winner.


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Foto: Baltic Manure Handling Award Winner 2011: Biotain AB from Sweden


Plenary session

Introduction and welcome speech
Helena Jonsson, President, Federation of Swedish Farmers

The contribution from the agriculture sector to the realisation of the objectives of the EU strategy for the Baltic Sea Region
Kadri Uustal, Adviser to the Director General, DG Regional Policy


The environmentally optimal manure based biogas production
Thorkild Q. Frandsen, Agrotech (DK)


Presentation of the WWF Baltic Farmer of the Year Award 2011
Ottilia Thoreson, WWF Baltic Eco Region Programme


Precision farming and other technical tools
Joachim Lammel, Head of product and application research, Yara International


Baltic agriculture and ecosystem services in an unforeseeable future
Jan Bengtsson, Prof, Dept of Ecology and the Future Agriculture Research Initiative, SLU


Seminar A - Integration of agro-environmental work: challenges and opportunities


Part 1: Models, measures and scenarios

Short introduction to the BC scenario framework
Henrik Eckersten, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences


Preliminary results from scenarios based on climate change
Elin Widén and Karin Blombäck, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences


Best available measures now and in the future: the modelling aspects
Sirkka Tattari, Finnish Environmental Institute


Part 2: The greening of CAP: Methods development in providing multiple streams of payments for eco-system service delivery, for the application measures in agro-environmental schemes, in the Baltic Sea Region.

European perspectives on the Greening of CAP, Institutional changes in implementing best practice in the BSR 
Neil Powell, Stockholm Environment Institute

Lessons on the identification of best practices in the BSR
Ola Palm, JTI – Swedish Institute of Agricultural and Environmental Engineering


Lessons learned in assessing and paying for measures that provide eco-system delivery in the Baltic Sea Region
Gerald Schwarz, Johann Heinrich von Thünen-Institut


Seminar B - Farmers tools for the environmental work


Part 1

Agricultural Advisories´role in the environmental work
Eija Hagelberg, Baltic Sea Action Group, Järki project


A concrete farm case

Line Strand, Focus on Nutrient Advisor


The Polish agri-environmental advice program
Dorota Urbanowska, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Department of Direct Payments

Part 2
Baltic Deal WP3
Frank Bondgaard, Baltic Deal project


Demonstration farms WP5

Christer Nilsson, Baltic Deal project


Seminar C - Manure energy


Part 1: The environmentally optimal manure based biogas
Manure based biogas in BSR - brief overview
Sari Luostarinen, MTT


Environmental-friendly handling of digestate in agriculture
Lena Rodhe, JTI


Environmental comparison of alternative strategies for external carbon addition to manure biogas
Lorie Hamelin and Henrik Wenzel, Univ. S. Denmark

Alterntive manure energy solutions: Incineration  and thermal gasification
Ksawery Kuligowski, Pomcert/Univ. Gdansk

Part 2 Alternatives to biogas, policy discussion and manure award

Potentials, challenges and policy recommendations for pig manure based biogas production to reduce eutrophication

Lotta Samuelsson, Baltic Sea 2020

Policy recommendations, Manure based biogas/energy
Knud Tybirk, Agro Business Park


Presentation of Bioenergy/biofuels platform -
Ksawery Kuligowski, Pomcert

Revealing the Yearly Baltic Manure Award winner
Anne Luise Skov Jensen, Agro Business Park


Afternoon Plenary
A view on the CAP reform
Rikke Lundsgaard, The Danish Society for Nature Conservation


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